7 Years of Blood

released February 14, 2023

Written + performed by Nameless Friends

Produced by  Lydia Wilton

Engineering by Sam Deeth and Lydia Wilton

Mixing by Andrew McLeod at Garden House Recording

Mastering by Darcy Proper at Proper Prent Sound

Artwork by Josh Cameron

Recorded at powerboi Studio in London, Ontario.

#godshit 🩸

Live At Stranded Fest

released June 9, 2021

Performed by Nameless Friends

Produced by Lydia Wilton

Engineering by Ryan Clark, Lydia Wilton and Sam Deeth

Mixing and Mastering by powerboi Studio

Artwork by Josh Cameron

“Self Care” written by Nameless Friends

“We Will Rock You”, “We Are the Champions”, “Fat Bottomed Girls”, “Under Pressure”, “Innuendo”, and “Bohemian Rhapsody” written by Queen

Recorded on August 31st 2019, at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario.

Special thanks to Stranded Fest for having us, trusting us, and being exceptionally loud. Thanks to Ryan for making our schemes come true, Josh for making our dreams come true, and our mighty producer for seeing this thing through to the end. If Queen ever reads this humble blurb, please accept this record as a love letter from four nameless friends. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your art.

RIP Freddie ❤


An EP about funerals, being a terrible person, and being thankful for your (nameless) friends.

released September 28, 2018

Musical Performances by Nameless Friends

Additional Vocals by Brenda McLachlin, Matthew Lipson, Lucas Zielke

Engineering and Mixing by Kyle Ashbourne

Mastering by Jay Hodgson

Additional Production Fuckery by Lydia Wilton

Album Art by Josh Ellison, Sam Deeth, Josh Cameron

Special thanks to The Palace Theatre in London for lending your beautiful space to the album artwork; The Sugar Shack for hosting us (and introducing us to Winston); David Goodman for additional composition; all of the above contributors for their outstanding work; and all of our friends, nameless and otherwise, who have believed in us thus far.